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Coin mechanism

For many years we have
distribution coin mechanism


Vending maschines

For many years we have been distributing
vending machines .



From wielulat we service vending equipment .

About us

For many years, the company provides Globalservice Professional Coin-op MEI – CPI and banknote acceptors . Świadczmy also maintenance services throughout Europe . Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality and fast and efficient repairs at affordable rates . We offer technical support and business in all aspects of vending.

Constantly we are expanding and deliver innovative solutions for the vending industry , which allows us to meet the expectations of each client.

With our experience, knowledge and skills , we give you the satisfaction and warranty on all services performed .


How to deliver the equipment?

The equipment can deliver it in person or send a letter by courier . We have contracts with courier companies so we can instruct reception equipment.

How do we work ?

Upon receipt we make a comprehensive service . After the service refer the product to the sender.

How long is the service ?

Execution time depends on the individual order. It usually takes 2-3 working days. Until the performance of the service to be added one day to the delivery courier.


Witold Flis
phone. +48 507 244 342
e-mail: witek@globalservice.com.pl

Krzysztof Świątek
phone. +48 +48 721 188 779
e-mail: krzysiek@globalservice.com.pl

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