CashFlow CF 690

Advanced digital security
The MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 changegiver incorporates the highest-ever level of security. It is armed with three new layers of protection, including our patented digital DFx recognition technology to sharpen the mechanism’s powers of coin discrimination terminating counterfeits like never before.
Multiple interface capabilities
The MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 links effectively with other products through its unique MDB peripheral interface, giving the operator valuable extra connectivity. Every product in the MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 series is equipped with multiple machine interfaces and a fully upgradable flash memory that keeps the product continuously up to date.

Interactive diagnostics and display
The new MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 changegiver’s innovative interactive user interface gives you cash audit, diagnostics and easy set up, all via the simple alphanumeric display. Additionally, the traffic light LED provides route people with on-the-spot, simple diagnostics and the opportunity to reduce the number of field returns.

With ongoing Euro coinsets accessed via the internet and an array of new support
tools to unlock its store of valuable management data, the MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 is the most powerful addition to the CASHFLOW™ range.