CashFlow EC 6000

Acceptance and security
The MEI EC6000 incorporates market leading discrimination technology which means your customers will always be able to make a purchase whilst you will also be protected against fraud

Fully accessible coin path enables easy on-site maintenance, minimising machine downtime and protecting machine revenue

Ease of use
Simple set up including cassette swap minimises training requirement and reduces cost of ownership. Designed for ‘Plug & Play’

Features and Benefits
• Market leading discrimination performance and reliability
• Optic free technology
• Robust design and simple to use
• Exec or MDB interface
• Audit and peripheral interface optional extras
• EVA/DTS enabled
• Fully accessible coin path
• Two auto-configuring payout options
• 4 High capacity change tubes
• Programmable via STS depot tool
• Simple LED diagnostics
• Token teach
• EC6000 is MDB or Exec only
• EC6200 is Exec and additional loom(s)