Coin mechanisms

Changegiver is the most complicated device that can be found in every type of vending machine, which has the extremely important task.

Coin accept coins, check what denomination they are, or are not false, are also responsible for issuing the rest, so it is absolutely clear that they can not be wrong, and therefore their production uses only the highest quality components of mechanical and electronic.

As you can see, this is the most important part of any vending machine, we can say that the coin mechanism is simply her heart. It is thanks to the precision of their execution, we can be sure that when we want to buy something in such a machine, we get exactly what we want, and the machine will release us adequate rest.

Our company has many years of experience in servicing and repairing wrzutników for vending machines. We have extensive experience in the vending industry. We operate not only in our country but also throughout Europe.

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