Gryphon™ CPI
Effect Dispensing Acceptor!

This is the next generation of CPI vending machines.

Vending machines

We have been distributing vending machines for many years.

The impossible becomes possible!
We update Coinco Global 2

For new coins 2020 year!

Coin mechanisms

We have been dealing with it for many years distribution of vending coin validators.

NBP introduces new coins 2020!

Update coin validator now!

We will fix defects in Mei Cashflow coin mechanisms!

We solve the problems of Mei Cashflow CF7900 and Mei Cashflow CF690 “AI V2.00”

We will fix the faults of the Mei Cashflow CF690 "AI V2.00" coin mechanism

In our service, we undertake every order – even those from a series of difficult and complicated ones

We are solving the problem: Incompatible Top Module

If you have a problem with the coin validator or want to service the coin validator – please contact us.

We will fix the bug: Coin unknow

We have extensive experience and we will repair those devices that have been diagnosed in other services “only for replacement with a new one”.

We are solving the problem: Not Oryginał Top Module

We will repair any, even the most difficult fault!

Service of vending machines and coin validators

For many years, Globalservice has been supplying professional MEI-CPI coin acceptors and bill acceptors. We also provide maintenance services throughout Europe. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality and fast and effective repairs at affordable prices. We offer technical and business support in all aspects of vending.

We offer a service of coin mechanisms and a service of vending machines.

Coin machines

We offer service and distribution of vending coin machines

Vending machines

We have been distributing vending machines for several years

Vending solutions

We offer vending solutions for you and your company.

Service and programming

For many years, we have been servicing vending equipment in Poland and throughout Europe. We execute all orders quickly and reliably.

About us

Globalservice has been providing professional MEI-CPI coin validators and bill acceptors for many years. We also provide maintenance services throughout Europe.

Naszym celem jest zapewnienie naszym klientom wysokiej jakości oraz szybkich i efektywnych napraw w przystępnych cenach. Oferujemy wsparcie techniczne jak i biznesowe we wszystkich aspektach vendingu.

Ciągle rozbudowujemy i dostarczamy innowacyjnych rozwiązań dla przemysłu vendingowego, co pozwala nam wychodzić naprzeciw oczekiwaniom każdego klienta.

Z naszym doświadczeniem, wiedzą i umiejętnościami dajemy Państwu satysfakcję i gwarancję na wszystkie wykonywane usługi.

Vending news


How to deliver the equipment?

You can deliver the equipment in person or send it to us by courier. We have contracts with courier companies, thanks to which we can order the collection of equipment.

What is the action plan?

After receiving the shipment, we perform a comprehensive service. After the service, we send the product back to the sender.

How long does the equipment service last?

The execution time depends on the individual order. It usually takes 2-3 business days. 1 day for courier delivery should be added to the time of the service.


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Witold Flis
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