Cash Flow CF 560


The CashFlow 560 range of changegivers have been designed to address a wide range of market needs and are compatible with the majority of modern vending machines. They are plug compatible replacements for the previous MS1600, ME1600 and ME1900 series of changegivers. The flexible approach allows easy matching of modules for all types of applications. They are designed to work with a wide range of coinsets and can be upgraded to accept new coins. There are four change tubes and field selection of the coins to be stored in them is possible. On the front of the changegiver is a keypad which is used to dispense coins and re-configure some aspects of the changer. All CashFlowÒ 560 changegivers are made
up of several modules;

• Control board
• Spine
• Transformer
• Keypad
• Dispenser
• Acceptor
• Separator
• Coin Storage Cassette