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No acceptance of coins in the coin mechanism

Witold Flis

Coin Mechanisms are the heart of vending machines. These complex devices have an extremely important task. They accept and check coins, their denomination, genuineness and are responsible for giving change. Unfortunately, in 2020 coin validators do not accept some coins. For full acceptance of the new coins minted this year, the validator needs to be updated.

How does a Coin machanism work?

The coin mechanism in the vending machine is responsible for checking coins and giving change, therefore it cannot be wrong. Mechanical and electronic components of the highest quality are used for the production of the coin validator, which is specially programmed. The precision of the coin validator gives us certainty of operation. The machine is supposed to work efficiently and give change. We have been servicing and repairing vending coin validators for many years. Extensive experience allows us to act quickly and react in case of errors and problems. The problem that has recently appeared in our devices is the lack of acceptability of coins, i.e. not accepting them. This can be remedied in a very simple way, i.e. by updating the device, which is the coin validator.

Coin machanism update

The National Bank of Poland has recently introduced new coins with the face value of 10 groszy, 20 groszy, 50 groszy and 1 zloty into circulation. The coins with the date 2020 on them were made of a different alloy than before. They are made of steel plated with copper and nickel. The software in the coin validators does not accept new coins and does not accept them. MEI Cashflow coin validators need to be updated to function properly and accept 2020 coins. For this purpose, they must be returned to the service. It is worth remembering that not being able to accept all coins may result in losses. A customer who cannot use every coin is often a lost customer.

We will update your Software!