We will fix faults of the Mei Cashflow CF7900 / CF7000 coin validator - non-original upper module, incompatible upper module, unknown coin.

In our service, we undertake every order – even those from a series of difficult and complicated ones✔

➡Among other things, we repair defects in the Mei Cashflow CF7000 coin mechanism:

  • Not Oryginał Top Module
  • Incompatible Top Module
  • Coin unknow
  • damaged (broken) front coils are no longer a problem
  • motherboard and other components (for many years)

We have extensive experience and we will repair those devices that have been diagnosed in other services “only for replacement with a new one”.

If you have a problem with the coin validator or want to service the coin validator – please contact us.

Coin unknow

Not Oryginał Top Module

Incompatible Top Module