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Why doesn’t the coin mechanism accept new coins from 2020?

Witold Flis

New coins are successively introduced into circulation by the National Bank of Poland. Specifically, it is about new coins with a face value of 10 groszy, 20 groszy, 50 groszy and 1 zloty, they are made of steel covered with copper and nickel. Their year 2020 proves that they were struck from a different alloy than they have been minted so far. Unfortunately, MEI Cashflow machines do not accept new coins minted this year. The coin validator software needs to be updated so that there are no problems accepting coins from this year.

Service and software update

MEI Cashflow coin mechanism will unfortunately not accept new coins in the listed denominations without updating. Their software usually accepts them very poorly, and most often not at all. This contributes to a decrease in turnover and frequent drawing of vending machines. Global Service provides not only sales services, but also service and software updates for MEI Cashflow coin validators. New 2020 coins that the vending machine does not accept require newer software. Global Service as a company deals with a broadly understood service. Extensive experience allows for the highest diligence of the services performed. Taking care of all due diligence, we encourage you to update the software of MEI Cashflow coin validators to prevent unpleasant situations that will result in the inability to pay with new coins.

Coin mechanism

The coin mechanism is quite a complicated device, but it does its job, i.e. accepting coins. When accepting a coin, it checks the denomination and whether it is fake. In addition, he is responsible for giving change. The highest quality mechanical and electronic components are used for their production. The coin mechanism is the heart of the vending machine, which functions thanks to the appropriate software.

We will update your Software!