About us

Ladies and Gentlemen,

for many years, Globalservice has been supplying professional MEI-CPI coin validators and banknote acceptors. We also provide maintenance services throughout Europe. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality and fast and effective repairs at affordable prices. We offer technical and business support in all aspects of vending.

We are constantly expanding and providing innovative solutions for the vending industry, which allows us to meet the expectations of each client.

With our experience, knowledge and skills, we give you satisfaction and a guarantee for all services provided.


„Global Service” S.C.
ul. Podkarpacka 8e
38-400 Krosno

Witold Flis
tel. +48 507 244 342
e-mail: witek@globalservice.com.pl

Krzysztof Świątek
tel. +48 721 188 779
e-mail: krzysiek@globalservice.com.pl