MEI Cashflow 7400

Acceptance and Security
The MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 incorporates market leading discrimination technology to ensure the highest level of valid coin acceptance

Coin management
Whether you choose to leave the MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 in stand alone mode or customize its configuration it will constantly work on your behalf to offer your customers change whilst minimising the cash tied up in your machine.

Reliability and Serviceability
The MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 builds on MEI’s reputation for reliability and with a fully accessible coin path and clear diagnostics via a large display any problems that might arise can be easily corrected in the field with the minimum of training.

Features and Benefits

  • A range of 3 models to choose optimum price/performance
  • Constantly monitoring cash in tubes offering full, real-time audit
  • Instant Floating – dispenses surplus coins and identifies refill needed
  • Five configurable payout denominations
  • Eliminates exact change
  • Highest change capacity
  • Intuitive diagnostics
  • Easy to use, large intuitive display
  • Highest level reliability
  • Fully accessible coin path, route people can clear debris without tools
  • Simplicity – virtually no training necessary
  • 20 pre-programmed cassettes
  • Water and jam resistant